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Ma'at Institute / Speakers

Our Speakers

Ma’at Institute provides educational and motivational presentations that include using hands-on fun-learningshops and motivational/insightful presentations on a variety of topics. All presentations are tailored to the specific needs of the audience and can be any desired length (ranging from 1-hour sessions to 5 days). Topics can be presented for retreats, in-service trainings lasting 1-5 days in the form of concentrated presentations and workshops focused on constructivist activities designed to help the participants learn new skills/information. We address how to build healthy self-esteem, how to counter racism, depression, suicide prevention, love relationships, cultural competency, police safety, identifying and countering bullying (in schools, the work place, and the community), coeducational rights, and ways to inspire involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Our team will train trainers, as well as, provide direct training to consumers. Our team has provided training globally as far away as South Africa. No location is too far!

Dr. Ayo M Gooden, PH.D

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Warren E. Gooden


Mr. Amon Gooden, B.S.

Physicist | Mathematician | Author

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